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Albedo S50

Natural sunlight, optimal working comfort, excellent vision, uniformity and softness of its light, ALBEDO S50 will provide you with the most comfortable and efficient lighting for your work.

Albedo D65

D65 natural light, unparalleled working comfort, health and eye protection: ALBÉDO D65, the high-end Degré K ceiling lamp is a vector of well-being in its own right.

Candela d65

CANDELA built-in LED panels are ideal for equipping your treatment room at an affordable price while taking advantage of the latest Degré K technologies.


Take care of yourself

Degré K luminaires incorporate the best technologies to protect your health and improve your comfort and performance.
They are designed and manufactured in France with respect for the environment.
Give yourself the gift of lighting excellence.

Natural light

D65 & Solar spectrum

Unrivalled comfort, eliminated fatigue, perfect colour recognition, maximum visual acuity: Degré K lighting perfectly reproduces natural light. Well-being and performance guaranteed.

Blue control

HEV blue light protection

Preserve your eyes and improve your sleep by protecting you from toxic blue light. Major innovation signed Degré K.

Soft light

Optical diffusion technology

The very high optical diffusion quality of Degré K lighting eliminates any aggressiveness of the light.
Immerse your treatment room in a soft bath!

Indirect lighting

Northern light

Degré K ceiling lights feature Lumière du Nord technology, integrated indirect lighting for ideal light distribution.
There’s no need to increase the power of your lighting to see better.

Enhance your lighting

Bring outside light into your treatment room.
With natural light, you can reduce fatigue and increase vitality and well-being at work.

Discover natural lightDiscover natural light


  • Ceiling light
  • Natural light D65
  • Northern light
  • Soft light
  • ​Blue Control Protection


  • D65 built-in  LED Panel
  • Natural light D65
  • Soft light
  • ​Blue Control Protection


  • Ceiling light
  • Natural solar light
  • Northern light
  • Soft light
  • ​Blue Control Protection


  • Built-in  LED Panel
  • Natural solar light
  • ​Protection Blue Control

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