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The influence of light

on your practice

Choosing the professional lighting you will be working with on a daily basis can have consequences for your health and well-being, but also for your performance.
Degré K has been developing exclusive technologies for years to offer you an “bio light”, that is to say a light that takes care of you, protects your body and allows you to work in the best conditions.

Natural light

D65 certified Spectrum

Full certification to the D65 standard is the normative reference for colorimetry. It guarantees the reproduction of true natural daylight, around midday on a blue sky, because it is under this precise light that the human eye achieves the best possible vision (acuity and color recognition).

All top-of-the-range Degré K lighting products are D65-certified: they not only simulate D65 with its chromaticity (color temperature) alone, but also perfectly reproduce the standardized spectrum of natural daylight: CRI>98 at 6500K.

Real D65 light has nothing but advantages: fully preserved biological rhythms, maximum visual acuity, unrivalled comfort and perfect color recognition. In everyday life, the difference is felt immediately: you no longer tire, you work much more efficiently even at the end of the day, and your color vision is always perfect.

Natural light

Solar Spectrum

The luminaires in the S50 Degré K range diffuse natural sunlight: morning or afternoon light. They reproduce its perfectly balanced spectrum and slightly more golden color.

This natural sunlight at 5400K ensures a very high CRI >97, optimum functioning of your biorhythms, great comfort and excellent vision.

Indirect lighting

Northern light

When you have the sun behind your back, what you see is evenly lit and you can see details without fatigue as the light is coming from the sky. With Northern Light technology, we reproduce this phenomenon in your treatment room.

Degré K suspended ceiling lights feature dual direct and indirect lighting, providing powerful yet soft illumination throughout your room, from floor to ceiling.

Your comfort is maximum and your working conditions optimal.

Soft light
High-quality optical diffusion

The softness of the light works on the same principle as the water in a shower. It depends on how the luminous flux (or the jet of water for the shower) is split. The specific direction in which the LEDs are emitted, the very high optical quality of the lenses and the diffusion filters used in Degre K luminaires eliminate any aggressiveness in the light.

The high-tech microprismatic diffuser of the D65 range also splits the luminous flux into a multitude of divergent rays, ensuring shadow-free, all-round illumination.

Thanks to Degré K lightings, your treatment room is immersed in a bath of soft light.

Blue control


Most LED lights emit a toxic blue light which damages the retina and promotes the development of AMD. Most importantly, this blue disrupts your biological rhythm, causing sleep and mood disturbances.

Rest assured, all Degré K luminaires are equipped with Blue Control. This exclusive technology combines the spectrum of natural light with optical diffusion management to suppress the toxic excess of blue light well below authorized thresholds and protect your body.

Quality & environment

At Degré K we believe that taking care of yourself also means taking care of your environment. This is why we attach great importance to the manufacturing quality and the ecological footprint of our products. Thus, all of our lights are made in France with environmentally friendly materials. They of course meet all medical and dental lighting standards.

Choose your light

The lighting that conditions all vision is the general lighting of the treatment room.
The aim is to recreate the external lighting environment as closely as possible, because it’s outside that the human eye and body function at their best. A luminaire that provides comfort and performance must therefore illuminate:

  • the entire treatment room, from floor to ceiling, on the walls and in the work area
  • without shadow, glare or contrast
  • without risk to eyes or health

To select your luminaire, you can filter the different products according to your own choice criteria. This allows you to choose the luminaire best suited to your exercise and preferences.

Ceiling or tile? D65 daylight or solar daylight? Soft light? Northern light?

Remember, D65 is required if you want to ensure perfect color vision and total comfort.

Albédo S50

Albédo S50

  • High-quality ceiling light
  • Natural Solarlight
  • Indirect lighting Northern Light
  • Lumière douce
  • Blue Control protection
  • From 2.625,70 €

Candela S50

Candela S50

  • High-quality tiles
  • Natural sunlight
  • Blue Control Protection
  • 1.432 € excl. tax for 4 tiles

Albédo D65

Albédo D65

  • The high-end ceiling light
  • D65 natural daylight
  • Northern Light Lighting
  • Soft light
  • Blue Control protection
  • From 3.526,25 €

Candela D65

Candela D65

  • High-end LED Panels
  • Natural light D65
  • Blue Control Protection
  • from 2685.37 € excl. tax the 4

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