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My purchase options

Degré K gives you the freedom to order your lighting without installation, or installation included. Find the details of the options below.

I order my luminaire "insalled": The all-inclusive formula

When you check the “purchase installed” box, we will send your order to an authorized distributor who will contact you to finalize your purchase: signature of the order, date of delivery, installation of the luminaire, then monitoring of the product and its warranty if necessary.

How it works :

In the event of a purchase request from an authorized Degré K distributor, the payment of € 200 that you will make to Degré K constitutes your commitment to purchase the product (s) added to your basket from the selected Distributor. We will keep your deposit until our Authorized Distributor confirms your order to us. We will refund this amount to you upon confirmation.

What I pay:

The price indicated is all inclusive, luminaire delivered and placed on a ceiling ready to receive the luminaire, by the authorized distributor you have selected. Final invoicing at the price indicated will be made by the authorized distributor partner.

I order my equipment not installed: The cheapest

When you tick the box “direct purchase not installed” we deliver your lighting directly to you and we leave you the freedom to install it or have it installed according to your convenience.

How it works :
  • The installation of our lights is quick and easy: no power supply other than the lighting circuit in your practice.
  • A manual is delivered with the device and is available to you online. I consult the instructions
What I pay:

You will save 15% by taking care of the installation. The price does not include the fitting of the luminaire which must be carried out in accordance with the assembly instructions.





Aftersales & Garantie

Whatever purchase options you choose, you benefit from the contractual guarantee. You can request its implementation directly from DEGRE K in accordance with the terms of our GTC if you have purchased the “not installed” equipment, or from the authorized distributor if you have purchased the “installed” equipment.

I consult the GTCI consult the GTC