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Replacement LED & bulbs

Bulbs for polymerising devices

Bulbs for halogen operating lighting

Always have a bulb in advance for your halogen operating light

Distinction between K204 and K234 lamps

To avoid any confusion between K204 (17V / 95W) and K234 (24V / 150W) lamps:

  • K204 (17V / 95W) originally from Philips, had an original marking (24V / 150W) different from its real characteristics (17V / 95W)! The K204 is suitable for Faro operating lamps mounted separately or after installation of the chair at the dentist. This is linked to the specification of the Faro transformer which delivers a voltage of 17V at the output.
  • Numerous dental equipment manufacturers, including Italians and Spaniards, mount these same Faro lights on their equipment. On the other hand, these Faro operating lamps are in this case supplied by the chair’s transformer which then outputs 24V; this is linked to the MDD 93/42 regulation. The manufacturers therefore mount a 150W 24V lamp that we have referenced K234. Furthermore, experience shows that the original Osram lamp performs much better and is preferred by our customers. As a result, we only deliver OSRAM lamps under the reference K234.

Quick Tips:

1. If in doubt, we recommend using the K234.

2. Pay attention to the similarity of lamps which cannot be distinguished by the eye.

LEDs for rotative instruments

** see better, spend less ** 

Replace your halogen bulbs with neutral white LED bulbs, which are more powerful and will last 100 times longer.

The KLED lamp series for “turbines and contra-angles” comes from the historic German manufacturer of original lamps for the leading instrument brands.