Are you feeling tired? Do you avoid scheduling difficult operations at the end of the day? The reason is simple: the lighting in your practice is not suitable for your eyes and your body. Nor to your treatment room. To remedy this, Degré K offers a computer-assisted lighting study.

Light does not always have the same function

Depending on your exercise, the specialties you practice, the lighting may be different
It has been shown that almost all dentists submit to excessive light levels. These excesses, tiring by nature, have become toxic with LEDs.
Light needs are different, for you, your team and your patients, and from room to room. In the waiting room, patients must be relaxed. On the contrary, at the reception and in the circulations, the light must energize the team. Asepsis in the sterilization room can only be done under flawless visual control. In the treatment room, you have to achieve visual perfection to be at the peak of your caregiving possibilities without excessive fatigue.
This is the reason why our lighting studies are based on the particular lighting constraints and the physical organization of the premises. They take into account the specific architecture, decoration and performance of each device, the specificity of your exercise. The choice and positioning of the recommended devices thus guarantee ideal lighting.

Neither too much nor not enough, the lighting you like

The lighting study only brings advantages to the practitioners or dental centers who subscribe to it:
  • Improve your chair performance.
  • Maintain your health: avoid visual risks and daily fatigue.
  • Bring you into compliance with the labor code (avoid visual fatigue and the resulting visual problems for employees).
  • Reduce your energy consumption by using all the lighting you need, but only this one.

How to succeed in lighting your practice or clinic?

Consult an expert, by videoconference

Would you like to fully understand the visual and non-visual effects of light on your health and your work, and be presented with the solutions that are beneficial to you? We offer you a personalized individual interview with the dental lighting expert.
The 30-minute interview is provided by the founder of Degré K, AFNOR Expert delegated to ISO. After you have set your appointment, a link will simply be sent to you.

Treat yourself to a lighting study

We carry out custom CAD studies according to the surface area of your practice or your care center.

We will contact you directly to invite you to send us the necessary compulsory elements: dimensioned pdf plan, ceiling height, decorative and / or architectural choices and, if applicable, photos for the existing places..