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Toxicity of cold LEDs and D65 Daylight

By Non classé

WARNING | D65: MISLEADING ADVERTISING ON THE MARKET!  You are no doubt already aware that lighting is an essential factor in the success of your work and also in keeping you in good health. Its physiobiological and psychobiological effects on your eyes and biorhythms can be harmful, because dentists are in practice in a profession which is particularly exposed to the consequences…

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Feedback from a year of Aesthetic Dentistry with a D65 certified LED ceiling light

By Non classé

Dr. René Serfaty tested an Albedo LEDd65 for a year. Feedback. Dr. René Serfaty, Senior University Lecturer, hospital practitioner with responsibility for the university degree course in smile aesthetics at Strasbourg Faculty of Dental Surgery. Feedback from a year of Aesthetic Dentistry with a D65 certified ceiling light Interview published in Dental Tribune France, June 2016 In what circumstances did…

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The founder of Degré K appointed AFNOR / ISO international expert

By Non classé

Jean-Marc Kubler has been appointed International Expert for the ISO – SC6/WG1 dental operating lamp sector and AFNOR delegate to the ISO international meeting on oral medicine in September 2016. SUBJECTS STUDIED: LED blue light toxicity LED colour rendering index European directives are progressively banning the majority of energy intensive light sources for energy conservation reasons. Filament bulbs have already…

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