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Feedback from a year of Aesthetic Dentistry with a D65 certified LED ceiling light

By 12 September 2016No Comments

Dr. René Serfaty tested an Albedo LEDd65 for a year.

Dr. René Serfaty,
Senior University Lecturer, hospital practitioner with responsibility for the university degree course in smile aesthetics at Strasbourg Faculty of Dental Surgery.

Feedback from a year of Aesthetic Dentistry with a D65 certified ceiling light

Interview published in Dental Tribune France, June 2016

In what circumstances did you decide to use a new ceiling light?

Actually, I was contacted by Degré K 18 months ago. They wanted to have their pure daylight LED D65 ceiling light tested by a specialist in Aesthetic Dentistry. I have to confess that the first contact left me feeling rather doubtful. I found their assessment of my existing lighting very harsh… I was quite happy with it! I did accept, but rather cautiously without any commitment to play ball. And the result of the first approach seemed to prove me right, because the rendering – once the luminaire was installed – was terrible! I then told them so… and they replied that that was what they expected! They wanted to see whether or not I responded…. They then sent me additional lighting for the rest of the room (my treatment room is large and lofty). And that was a revelation!


The general environmental improvement is extraordinary. The room is far lighter. All day long there is a feeling of having continuous ideal daylight. This light provides an ambiance which is so cheerful that it feels like fine weather. It is continual light therapy and I experience positive energy!

What is your main feeling?

At the end of the day I have much more zip and vitality. I feel much less tired, and not just in my eyes because the light distribution is better and more homogeneous. At around 17.00-18.00 in the winter, I am unware that it is dark outside. The most noticeable advantage is to eliminate the need to use my operating lamp.

You work without an operating lamp?!

Yes, perfectly well, but only on the vestibular surfaces of the anterior block teeth. I still need it elsewhere to gain some light.

And it is better without?

Definitely! The surface condition and shapes can be assessed perfectly. They are then easier to copy because there is no glare. Also, the composites polymerise more slowly so there is more time. It is much easier to achieve a more natural “smile”.

How does the Albedo LEDd65 luminaire help you in aesthetic dentistry?

If I analyse the contribution of this ceiling light for each success criterion, the result is totally convincing. In order of importance:

  • Choice of colour in the chair (enamel luminosity and dentin shade: in the chair, there is no difference from daylight. There is no need to have the patient stand up and be taken to the window to select the colour facing north on a bright day. The colour can be chosen under the Albedo LEDd65 ceiling light at any time of the day, even in the evening because you are independent of exterior light.
  • Surface condition: it is reproducible, in contrast to what happens with the operating lamp, which flattens the surface. So I can see and copy the surface condition of the natural tooth alongside, or correctly evaluate the copying work done by my prosthetist, without any error.
  • Shapes and transition angles: I can assess the non-flatness better than with an operating lamp. And during testing the patient can also assess the result much more effectively.
  • Horizontal and vertical harmony: By not using the operating lamp, I can assess the translucence and opalescence of the free edge.

What have you learned with the Albedo LEDd65?

I have discovered that light is an important element in my practice, whereas I used to think I had what was necessary. Previously I always wanted to put the operating lamp very close to the mouth, but now I don’t do that, at least on the vestibular surfaces of teeth 4 to 4! Light is a central element which is mistakenly ignored.

If you had to compare it with your old ceiling light, what would you say?

My old lighting was indeed inadequate, much gloomier and defective in the sense that I could not choose the colours. I had to wait for the right moment and the right day near the window. Because I knew that the lighting could not take my colour in the chair, I was forced to compensate all the time. Now I don’t make mistakes. It is more comfortable to have the true light in the chair and my work is easier. When I get a biscuit and try it, I can anticipate the final result without any error. Previously, I might make an estimation error and have an unpleasant surprise when I took the patient to the natural light at the window. Even my patients say: “But what have you changed?”

Would you recommend this ceiling light?

As regards dentists who take the full aesthetic dentistry course (8 sessions = 20 days), I know that they see teeth “differently” after their training. They have learned what works or doesn’t in terms of colour, transition angles, luminosity and opalescence. But they have difficulty in evaluating the light quality. In my view, they would gain a measurable benefit from using the Albedo LEDd65 ceiling light for stratified composites, veneers and ceramic crowns. For them it is an important element in moving from an acceptable result to a very good one. As regards prosthetists, I would also tell them that it radically facilitates the work.

If you had to draw a conclusion in one sentence?

As far as I am concerned, I have been more comfortable since I changed the ceiling light. If my new light were removed, I would again have to make great efforts to picture the result, which is very uncomfortable. I would suffer more stress to achieve the same result. My life is pleasanter and the work is easier.



Main points:

  • Comfort comes from the quality of the colour selection in the chair and removal of the operating lamp  
  • My selection of colour and view of the surface condition, shapes and transition angles, translucence and opalescence are easy and error-free in the chair
  • I think my vitality increases my productivity. I am perhaps less tired, but I am certainly more cheerful and invigorated
  • I can see better in the working area, and that is true even if I use the operating lamp
  • Control of the contrasts in the room is an essential requirement; the contrast in the room must be eliminated. It is day and night.