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Toxicity of cold LEDs and D65 Daylight

By 3 November 2016No Comments


You are no doubt already aware that lighting is an essential factor in the success of your work and also in keeping you in good health. Its physiobiological and psychobiological effects on your eyes and biorhythms can be harmful, because dentists are in practice in a profession which is particularly exposed to the consequences of artificial lighting by operating lamps and ceiling lights.

The “cold light” technology of LEDs compounds the risks. This situation is alarming the authorities and the normative institutions.

A number of our competitors find it convenient to adopt the D65 argument without investing in its development costs and are blatantly using this argument in misleading advertising. Despite being convicted in court on several occasions, they are playing for time with the legal system and continuing to sell you products that they claim are compliant but which are actually toxic to your eyes (due to blue peak).

In doing so they are tricking you by indicating compliance with just one of the 2 criteria in standard D65: chromaticity (i.e. simply a colour temperature of +/- 6500K). The second and crucial criterion is spectral distribution, which is not met. There is a blue peak, contrary to the required D65 spectral distribution.
Consequently an appliance which just meets the chromaticity criterion does not comply with D65.

This notice prompts you to be extremely vigilant when choosing your lighting appliances in order to maintain the health of your eyes and your psyche. You just need to make a careful choice from the products on the market, to first read some of the many articles published in the dental press in recent months and not to be persuaded by peremptory and misleading statements.

Degré K is the manufacturer which issued the first warning in 2009 with its LOLé 2 Blue Control. We pursue a development approach for our products which takes account of scientific advances and we ensure that our products are not only non-toxic but also guarantee maximum similarity to non-toxic natural daylight. Degré K markets appliances which are genuinely certified as meeting D65 normative daylight.