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The founder of Degré K appointed AFNOR / ISO international expert

By 12 September 2016No Comments

Jean-Marc Kubler has been appointed International Expert for the ISO – SC6/WG1 dental operating lamp sector and AFNOR delegate to the ISO international meeting on oral medicine in September 2016.


  • LED blue light toxicity
  • LED colour rendering index

European directives are progressively banning the majority of energy intensive light sources for energy conservation reasons. Filament bulbs have already disappeared and halogen and most fluorescent bulbs have just a few months left.

The LED is therefore becoming inevitable, but its atypical base spectrum (HEV blue light peak) can be toxic. In addition, the current method of measuring the colour rendering index is obsolete. It is no longer valid for the LED and must be revised.

Dentists are overexposed to both these problems. It is important to be vigilant to maintain their health and the quality of their treatment.

Solutions exist and have been developed by Degré K. They will be presented to the ISO/AFNOR international technical commission.