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Albédo S50 is a concentrate of technology in an ultra-slim frame.
With its reproduction of natural sunlight, uniform light distribution and high-quality Full Spectrum LED sources, this ceiling light is particularly comfortable for dental practice.
The benefits: no risk to the eyes, great everyday comfort and excellent vision.

Natural Sunlight

Solar spectrum 5400K

Developed for treatment and surgery rooms, ALBÉDO S50 diffuses natural sunlight. Its Full Spectrum LED technology faithfully reproduces both spectral regularity and chromaticity at 5400K:

  • Very high CRI (>97): excellent color rendering
  • Perfectly balanced light spectrum : chronobiological clock synchronization and perfect pupil aperture management; permanent light therapy

The result: well-being, health and excellent vision.


Light on all floors

Designed to provide optimum working comfort, ALBÉDO S50 offers the most pleasant lighting experience.

Northern Light

ALBÉDO S50 emits a high level of indirect light that doubles the direct light, reproducing the ideal distribution of light in all areas of the treatment room, with no annoying contrasts, shadows or glare. Maximum visual acuity is easily achieved without fatigue.


Soft light

ALBÉDO S50’s high quality optical diffusion eliminates any aggressiveness from its powerful direct light.  The treatment room is bathed in a particularly pleasant light. The lighting is soft and relaxing.

Photobiological safety

It keeps an eye on your health

ALBÉDO S50 protects your eyes and your body.  It’s equipped with Full Spectrum LEDs that emit no toxic blue light natively.

Its BLUE CONTROL technology protects you from overexposure to blue light, which is harmful to your eyes and your chrono-biological cycle.
So your body is protected at all times.

Another advantage: there’s no undesirable acceleration of photo-polymerization.

High technology

in an ultra-thin frame

The miniaturization of the device incorporates the most advanced technologies, the result of long development aimed at lighting excellence.

Design :

An ultra-thin frame: its pure, airy design concentrates the latest technologies and fits into any type of treatment room.
Lightweight and compact, it is quick and easy to install.

Hygiene :

Dustproof and disinfectable on the surface, it meets the requirements of asepsis in the treatment room.

Quality & environment

Albédo is designed and manufactured in France. The result: high manufacturing quality, mastery of know-how and production.

From its local production to the meticulous selection of its components, it has been designed to minimize its carbon impact. Environmentally friendly, it naturally meets all medical and dental lighting standards.

Taking care of yourself also means taking care of your environment.


Made in France to protect the environment

Solar light

Natural sunlight: spectrum & chromaticity | CRI>97


Meets all medical and dental lighting standards


IP44 standard (dust, insects, spray projections…)


Garantie 2 years / LED & electronic 5 years

2 versions

Albédo S50.0: efficiency made simple

ON/OFF opération

Albédo S50.R: the connected luminaire

Connected luminaire with Lux+ function and adjustable light intensity.
Ultra-simplified to use from the existing wall switch, it allows each user to adapt lighting to personal sensitivity and activate the LUX+ function (+30% increase in lighting to ensure ideal illumination for surgical procedures).

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