Albedo S50.0

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Version .0:  ON/OFF

Price” installed”: 2.625,70 tax excl. | 3.150,84 € tax incl.

ALBÉDO S50. is an excellent professional luminaire. With its reproduction of natural sunlight, uniform light distribution and top-quality Full Spectrum LED sources, this ceiling luminaire will provide comfortable, high-performance lighting for your work. The result:

  • No risk to the eyes
  • great everyday comfort
  • excellent vision
| Solar light |Soft light Northern Light | Blue Control |



Albédo S50 is designed for standard lighting in treatment rooms*:
– surface area: 9 to 15m²
– ceiling height: up to 3m

Complies with EN 12464-1 in the 3 zones of the treatment room:
1 500 lux: operating field
1 000 lux: work area
500 lux: circulation area

In the S50.R version, power can be regulated on demand, and to activate the LUX+ function

* The lighting is always a function of the volume illuminated, so an additional light source is required for larger and/or higher treatment rooms.

Ceiling height (HSP): 2.4 to 3m
Surface de la salle de soin : 9 to 15m²

Installation : in the direction of the chair, with the operating area centered on the luminaire

Rope spacing: 150 x 1000mm  | luminaire thickness: 50mm

4x Adjustable ropes:
Max useful dimensions of the suspension ropes: : 1400mm
(i.e. max mechanical Ceiling Height: 3500mm)
If Ceiling Height > 3500mm : special manufacturing to be planned : contact us


Consumption (W) :
version S50.0 : 147
version S50.R : 167

Driver LED : 2

Bluetooth Control modul MR: 1 (version S50.R)

Sources (garantie 5 years):
– Direct DI : LED Full Spectrum 5400K
– Indirect IND : LED Bisphosphorus 5000K

Luminance max (cd/m2): < 6000

Lumineux flux (lumen):
Version S50.0 = 14.000 (DI 7000 / IND 7000)
Version S50R = 15.300 (DI 8300 / IND 7000)

Colour temperature:
– direct DI : 5400K solar spectrum
– indirect IND :  5000K

CRI (Color rendering Index): >97

Average UGR <16

Indice protection (IP) : IP50
Dimensions in (mm) : 1 260 x 400 x 50
Weight (kg) : 13.5

Version S50.0 : ON/OFF

Version S50.R : Connected luminaire with the functions :

  • LUX+ function : reinforcement of illumination (surgery/ dermatology / orthodontic / aesthetic medicine / light therapy..)
  • Dimmer function: Light intensity regulation
  • Smartphone application: memorization of settings / control via smartphone and/or the usual switch in the room: the lights are equipped with a Bluetooth “Wireless module”.
    During commissioning, the luminaire(s) are automatically identified in the environment on the tablet or smartphone and can be directly operated or configured via the room switch and the smartphone app.

Brochure Albédo S50