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Natural light D65, unequalled working comfort, health and eye protection, perfect vision: ALBEDO D65, the top-of-the-range ceiling light from Degré K, is a source of well-being in its own right.

Spectrum D65 certified

Naturally excellent

ALBÉDO D65 is certified to comply with the D65 illuminant. This means that it does not content itself with copying the mere chromaticity of natural light, it reproduces its spectrum perfectly. And that changes everything!

Perfect color recognition | CRI > 98

Shades, micro-geometries, opalescence, transparency… all the many risks of error are eliminated, whether during diagnosis, color selection, surgery or aesthetic reconstruction and make-up.
With its spectrum of standardized natural light, ALBÉDO D65 ensures perfect color recognition and maximum visual acuity.

Continuous Light therapy

ALBÉDO D65 ensures the natural regulation of your biological clock, the proper functioning of your eyes and perfect management of pupillary opening, all day long. Its lighting gives you the sensation of being bathed in light, just like outside when the weather is fine.
More than a care tool, your ceiling light is a vector of well-being in its own right.

Work without operating lamp

Maximum acuity is achieved without visual fatigue. The operating light can be dispensed with on the vestibular side of the anterior block. In orthodontics, the operating light becomes superfluous, even in lingual and on molars.

Well-being lighting

ALBÉDO D65’s optical technology provides soft, glare-free lighting that’s easy on the eyes. Its D65 spectrum guarantees your physical comfort.

The result : elimination of fatigue, perfect vision, perfect functioning of the body and improved memory, sleep and mood…


Lux, calm and voluptuousness

Designed to provide optimal working comfort, ALBEDO D65 offers undoubtedly the most enjoyable experience in terms of lighting, all fields.

Northern light

How to light up your entire treatment room? By increasing the power of your luminaire at the risk of dazzling you?

Instead, ALBÉDO D65 emits a high level of indirect light that doubles the direct light. This ensures an ideal distribution of light throughout the treatment room, with no annoying contrasts, shadows or glare. This is the principle of Northern Light, the first condition for achieving maximum acuity without fatigue.

You benefit from both powerful and soft illumination throughout your room, for maximum comfort.

Soft light

High-quality optics and diffusion filters eliminate any harshness in the light, while its microprismatic diffuser splits the luminous flux, providing enveloping, shadow-free illumination.

The treatment room is bathed in a particularly pleasant light. The lighting is soft and relaxing.

Photobiological security

It is the apple of your eye

You’ve heard about the effects of blue light: it damages your retina and promotes the onset of AMD. It can also disrupt your sleep and cause mood disorders.

Keep smiling with ALBÉDO D65: its BLUE CONTROL technology protects you from overexposure to blue LED light, which is harmful to your eyes and your biorhythms. Your body is permanently protected.

Another advantage: there’s no undesirable acceleration of photo-polymerization.


concentrated in an ultra-slim frame

The miniaturization of the device incorporates the most advanced technologies, the culmination of long development aimed at lighting excellence.


An ultra-thin frame: its sleek, airy design concentrates the latest technologies and fits into any type of treatment room.
Lightweight and compact, it’s quick and easy to install.


Dustproof and disinfectable on the surface, it meets asepsis requirements in the treatment room.

Quality & environment

Albédo is designed and manufactured in France. The result: high manufacturing quality, mastery of know-how and production.

From its local production to the meticulous selection of its components, it has been designed to minimize its carbon impact. Environmentally friendly, it naturally meets all medical and dental lighting standards.

Taking care of yourself also means taking care of your environment.

Connected luminaire, for personalized settings

In today’s connected world, who doesn’t like to control things remotely? ALBÉDO D65.R can be programmed via your smartphone and controlled from your wall switch.
Ultra-simple to use, it lets you adapt your lighting to your personal sensitivity and activate the LUX+ function.

Define and memorize your default parameters, specific programs or scenarios.

Dimmer function

Regulate the light intensity of your luminaire in one step.

LUX+ Function

Reinforce the lighting to ensure the ideal illumination for surgery, dermatology, orthodontics, aesthetic medicine or for light therapy.

2 versions

Albédo D65.0: performance with ease

ON/OFF  operation

Albédo D65.R: enter the Enlightenment

Connected luminaire, with Lux+ function and adjustable light intensity


Made in France with concern for the environment

Natural light

Full certification to CIE D65: Spectrum and chromaticity compliance. | CRI>98


Meets all medical and dental lighting standards


IP50 standard (dust, insects, projections of sprays …)


2 year warranty / LED and electronics 5 years

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