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Natural light, optimal working comfort and eye protection: ALBÉDO D65, the top of the range Degré K ceiling lights is probably the best dental lighting ever designed.

D65 performance

Naturally excellent

ALBÉDO D65 is certified to comply with the D65 illuminant. This means that it does not content itself with copying the mere chromaticity of natural light, it reproduces its spectrum perfectly. And that changes everything!

Light therapy

ALBÉDO D65 ensures the proper functioning of your biological clock throughout the day. Its lighting gives you the feeling of a bath of light, like outside when the weather is nice. More than a care tool, your ceiling light is also a vector of well-being in its own right.

Perfect color recognition | CRI > 98

Thanks to the spectrum of its natural light, ALBÉDO D65 allows perfect color recognition and maximum visual acuity.
Its CRI is >98.

Work without operating lamp

The certified D65 spectrum is the only one that allows maximum visual acuity from 3000 lux! We can therefore do without an operating light.

Well-being lighting

ALBEDO D65 is equipped with microprismatic diffusers, that is to say diffusers which send rays in all directions of space. This optical technology provides soft, eye-pleasing illumination without glare. Its D65 spectrum ensures the harmonious functioning of your body, guarantee of your physical comfort.


Lux, calm and voluptuousness

Designed to provide optimal working comfort, ALBEDO D65 offers undoubtedly the most enjoyable experience in terms of lighting, all fields.
Northern light
How to light up your entire treatment room? By increasing the power of your luminaire at the risk of dazzling you?
Instead, try the Northern Light, an indirect lighting located on top of your ALBÉDO D65 ceiling lamp and which complements the direct lighting. So you enjoy the powerful yet soft illumination of your entire room for maximum comfort.
Soft light
The very high optical quality of the ALBÉDO D65 micro prismatic diffuser eliminates any aggressiveness of its powerful light. The treatment room is immersed in a particularly pleasant bath of light


It is the apple of your eye

You have probably heard of the effects of blue light: it damages your retina and promotes the development of AMD. It can also disrupt your sleep and cause mood swings.
Keep smiling with ALBÉDO D65, the ceiling light that naturally emits no blue light and protects your body..

2 versions

Albédo D65.0: performance with ease

ON/OFF  operation

Albédo D65.R: enter the Enlightenment

Connected luminaire, with Lux+ function and adjustable light intensity

Connected luminaire, for personalized settings

In the era of everything connected, who doesn’t like to control things from a distance? Good thing, ALBÉDO D65.R can be programmed via your smartphone and controlled from a wall switch.
Ultra-simple to use, it allows you to adapt your lighting to your personal sensitivity and activate the LUX+ function.

Define and store your default parameters, specific schedules or scenarios for a set of fitted luminaires.

Dimmer function

Regulate the light intensity of your luminaire in one step.

LUX+ Function

Reinforce the lighting to ensure the ideal illumination for surgery, dermatology, orthodontics, aesthetic medicine or for light therapy.


Made in France with concern for the environment

Natural light

Full certification to CIE D65: Spectrum and chromaticity compliance. | CRI>98


Meets all medical and dental lighting standards


IP50 standard (dust, insects, projections of sprays …)


2 year warranty / LED and electronics 5 years

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