CANDELA S50 tiles are high-performance recessed tiles. They reproduce natural sunlight throughout the treatment or surgery room. They provide high-performance, highly uniform and comfortable lighting.

Candela S50 is ideal for equipping your practice at an affordable price, while benefiting from the latest Degré K technologies.

Natural Sunlight

Solar spectrum 5400K

CANDELA S50 brings sunlight into your treatment room. Its Full Spectrum LED technology faithfully reproduces both spectral regularity and chromaticity at 5400K.

Its well-balanced spectrum ensures synchronization of your chronobiological clock and perfect management of your pupillary aperture.

The result: well-being, health and excellent vision.


Brilliant color rendering: CRI>97

Its 5400K light spectrum has a very high CRI (>97). It reproduces the color of natural light in the middle of the day and ensures excellent color rendering.


Uninterrupted protection

CANDELA S50 protects your eyes and your body.  It’s equipped with Full Spectrum LEDs that emit no toxic blue light natively.

BLUE CONTROL technology protects you from overexposure to blue light, which is harmful to your eyes and your chrono-biological cycle. Your body is permanently protected.

Another advantage: there’s no undesirable acceleration of photo-polymerization.

Quality & environment

Shining quality


Made in France to protect the environment


Meets all medical and dental lighting standards


IP54 protection (dust, insects, spray projections, etc.)


LED Garantie 5 years

Candela is designed and manufactured in France. The key to this is high manufacturing quality and mastery of know-how and production.

The device’s miniaturization incorporates the most advanced technologies, the culmination of long development aimed at lighting excellence.

From its local production to the meticulous selection of its components, it has been designed to minimize its carbon impact. Environmentally friendly, it naturally meets all medical and dental lighting standards.

Taking care of yourself also means taking care of your environment.


It always takes 4 LED panels to illuminate a standard-sized treatment room.

CANDELA S50.4 therefore comes in a set of 4 independent tiles, to provide optimum lighting for a 9 to 15 m² treatment room with ceiling heights of up to 2.7m.

Totally standard in size, these LED tiles are designed for rapid installation in any false ceiling.

Reach the summit of light

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Above is paradise

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