Degré K CANDELA D65 LED panels are the best in their class. Their D65 spectrum brings you unparalleled comfort on a daily basis and their Blue Control technology protects your eyes at all times. You also benefit from all the technological refinements and the Degree K manufacturing quality.

Comfort & Performance

It’s day and night

CANDELA D65 spectrum is D65 certified. This means that it doesn’t just copy the chromaticity of natural light alone, it reproduces its spectrum perfectly. And that only benefits your productivity and well-being.

Color recognition | CRI>98

With CANDELA D65, the color recognition is perfect, eliminating all the many risks of error whether during the diagnosis, the choice of color or the operative procedure.

Well-being lighting

CANDELA D65 is equipped with microprismatic diffusers, that is, diffusers which send rays in all directions of space. This optical technology provides soft, eye-pleasing illumination without glare. Its D65 spectrum ensures the harmonious functioning of your body, guarantee of your physical comfort.

Light therapy

CANDELA D65 takes care of you, when you take care of your patients. Its natural light provides you with permanent light therapy that ensures the proper functioning of your biological clock: better functioning of the eye, memory and sleep.


Your eyes will say thank you

LED lighting can generate a toxic of blue light that is harmful to your eyesight and your life cycle, increasing the risk of AMD and cataracts. Thanks to the natural light of CANDELA D65, exposure to toxic bruises is minimized and your body is protected at all times. Another advantage: there is no unwanted acceleration of the photopolymerization.


Completely standard in size, CANDELA recessed tiles are designed to be quickly installed in any false ceiling.

Candela D65.4 and.R

Pour vous elles se plient en quatre

CANDELA D65.4 and .4R consist of a set of 4 high quality LED recessed LED Panels connected together to provide optimal lighting for a treatment room of 9 to 15 m² with ceiling height till 2.7m.

Candela D65.1

The prosthesis in a new light

CANDELA D65.1 is a unique natural light panel for make-up areas and dental technicians who want perfect lighting for their workstation. It can also be surface mounted by 4 in the treatment rooms when a built-in is not possible. To do this, 4 Candela D65.1 and 4 frames must be installed.

Take control of the sun

When it comes to lighting, we all have our own personal sensibilities. Good thing with CANDELA D65.R you can program your settings via your smartphone and select them at any time from the wall switch.

* CANDELA D65.4R models only

Custom settings

Define and memorize your favorite light levels for each type of treatment: your personal configuration in which your comfort is maximized, as well as one or more specific programs for the choice of shade, light therapy or delicate work..

Control by wall switch

On a daily basis, your wall switch allows you to turn on your luminaire in comfort mode, and to access the other programmed modes by simply switching off-quickly switching on at the desired time..

Bright quality in every way


Made in France with respect for the environment


Meets all medical and dental lighting standards


Dustproof IP44 (dust, insects, projections of sprays ...)


LED Guarantees 5 years

You hesitate with a ceiling lamp?

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