Candela – D65.4

3 580,50  TTC

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Version .R = Connected

Price “installed” : 2.983,75 tax excl. | 3.580,50 € tax incl.


CANDELA D65.4  is a set of 4x D65 certified LED panels. Their D65 spectrum brings you unparalleled comfort on a daily basis and their BLUE CONTROL technology protects your eyes at all times. You also benefit from all the technological refinements and the Degré K manufacturing quality.

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Candela , set of 4 tiles, designed for standard lighting in treatment rooms* :
– surface area: 9 to 15m²
– ceiling height: up to 2.7m
Complies with EN 12464-1 in the 3 zones of the treatment room:
1,500 lux: operating field | 1,000 lux: work area | 500 lux: circulation area.

Because recessed tiles are higher up than pendant lighting, 4 tiles are needed to provide the required amount of light in the treatment room.
Candela tiles are therefore sold in packs of 4:
  • CANDELA S50.4
  • CANDELA D65.4
  • CANDELA D65.4R
The unit version Candela D65.1 / D65.1D is designed for lighting make-up areas in aesthetics, dental laboratories etc…

En version D65.R, la puissance peut-être régulée à la demande.

* illuminance is always a function of the volume lit: provide an additional light source for larger and/or higher treatment rooms.
Recessed in any tile ceiling
Standard dimensions 595*595*10.5mm
CANDELA tiles can be recessed into a plasterboard/Staff/BA ceiling using the “BA Frame” accessory.
When recessed mounting is not possible, CANDELA tiles can be surface-mounted using the “Frame” accessory..
Min/max installation temperature: -20° / +40°

Ceiling height: 2.4 to 2.7m
Treatment room surface area: 9 to 15 m²
Positioning: operating area centered on the luminaire
Candela D65
Certified to comply with the CIE D65 standard illuminant (BS950-1 / D65 CIE D6500 for the visible part of the light emitted in the 430nm-650nm range)
Candela S50:Full spectrum LED 5400K | CRI>97
Candela D65: Complex LED D65  | CRI>98

Candela D65.4 / S50.4 / D65.1 / D65.1D :  Single driver per tile = 160*80*35mm (L*W*H).
Candela D65.4.R :  Serial power supply to all 4 tiles via 4x S and M drivers = 123.5*81.5*23mm (L*W*H).

Sources (5-year guarantee):
Candela D65 : LED Full Spectrum 6500K / IRC>98
Candela S50 : LED Full Spectrum 5400K / IRC>97

protection index (IP) : 54
Dimensions / panel in (mm) : 595x595x10.5mm
Weight (kg) : 3.5 / panel

Candela S50.4: set of 4 LED Panels 5400K | ON/OFF

Candela D65.4:  set of 4 LED Panels D65 certified | ON/OFF

Candela D65.4.Rset of 4 LED Panels D65 certified  | connected
Lux+ function: increase in light intensity for surgery, dermatology, orthodontics, aesthetic medicine or for light therapy
Dimmer function: Regulation of the light intensity to adapt the lighting to its own sensitivity to light.
“Connected” function: Memorization of settings / control via smartphone and/or the usual switch in the room: the lights are equipped with a Bluetooth “Wireless module”. During commissioning, the luminaire(s) are automatically identified in the environment on the tablet or smartphone and can be directly operated or configured via the room switch and the smartphone app.

Candela D65.1 : 1 LED Panel D65 certifié | ON/OFF

Candela D65.1D : 1 LED Panel D65 certified | DALI dimmable with Lux+ function

>> Notices

  • Set of 2x suspension cables (for laboratory use)
  • Surface-mounting frame for hard ceiling (all versions except D65.4R)
  • Flush-mounting frame for plasterboard/Staff/BA ceilings without support bars
  • Remote control for D65.4R version