Albedo D65.R

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Version .R : connected & regulable

Price “installed” : 3.666 tax excl. | 4.400 € tax incl.

Unequaled reproduction of natural daylight, health and eye protection, unequaled working comfort: ALBÉDO D65, the top of the range Degré K ceiling lights, is a vector of well-being in its own right. Its advantages are unique.

  • No risk for the eyes
  • Daily anti-fatigue
  • Perfect eyesight and vision
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Albédo D65 designed for standard lighting in treatment rooms *:
- surface area: 9 to 15m²
- ceiling height: up to 3m
Compliant with EN 12464-1 in the three areas of the dental treatment room:
  • 1 500 lux: treatment site (patient’s face)
  • 1 000 lux: specific working area
  • 500 lux: general traffic area
The illumination can be doubled with the function Lux+.

* the lighting is always a function of the illuminated volume: provide an additional lighting source for treatment rooms of greater size and / or height.

Ceiling height: 2,3 à 3m
Treatment room surface: 9 TO 15 m²
Installation: in the direction of the chair, operating area in the center of the luminaire
Rope spacing: 150 x 1000mm  |  luminaire thickness: 50mm
4x Filins réglables :
Dimensions utile max des filins de suspension : 1400mm
(soit HSP mécanique max : 3500mm)
Si HSP > 3500mm : fabrication spéciale à prévoir : nous contacter


LED sources (5-year warranty): complex LED  D65 / biphosphorus LED
Luminance max (cd/m2)  : 1825 / 3074
Lumineux flux (lumen) : 15000 (DI  7000 / IND 8000)
Average UGR : <13
Colour temperature:
- direct DI : 6500K spectrum D65 certified
- indirect  IND : 5000K
CRI (Color rendering Index): >98
Compliant with the normative illuminant D65/CIE  (BS950-1/D65 CIE D6500 for the visible part of the emittted light in the range of 430μm-650μm)
Metamerisme : Indice 0.22 | Spectral reproduction quality of the D65 illuminantclass A
(ISO 23603 CIE S 012/F)
Consumption  (W): 142
Driver LED: 2
Bluetooth Control modul MR: 1
Sources : complex LEDs  D65 / white biphosphorus LED 5000K
garantie 5 years
  • LUX function: Enhanced illumination. At maximum power, ALBEDO LEDd65 supplies the illumination required for surgical, dermatological, orthodontic and aesthetic medicine operations and is ideal for light therapy sessions.
  • Dimmer function: Light intensity regulation Memorisation of settings & control by smartphone or the normal room switch.

Smartphone app:
Bluetooth/WiFi: Memorization of settings / control via your smartphone and / or by the usual switch in the room: the luminaires are equipped with a Bluetooth "wireless module".
During commissioning, the luminaires are automatically identified in the environment on the tablet or smartphone and can be directly used or configured by the room switch and the smartphone application.

Indice protection (IP) : 50
Dimensions in (mm) : 1 260 x 400 x 50
Weight (kg) : 13.5

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