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The company is the reference for medical and dental lighting

Degré K offers a complete range of lighting, ceiling, operating light, LED products for rotary instruments and peripheral luminaires. All of our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with all medical and dental lighting standards, as well as hygiene standards in treatment and surgery rooms.

Expertise recognized internationally

Our know-how consists of producing specific lighting for Dentistry. This involves implementing technologies conditioning maximum visual acuity without fatigue, without aging of the visual organ and respecting the human physiological and psycho-photobiological balance.

Degré K is a leading player in international standard-setting bodies where we participate in the development of new standards necessary for the supervision of new technologies. Thus, our founder was appointed International Expert for the field of ISO dental operating lamps – islands SC6 / WG1 and delegated by AFNOR to the annual ISO international meetings for medicine

Our obsession: comfort and safety

As of November 2010, Degré K clearly positioned itself at the forefront of research and development around the issue of the toxicity of blue LEDs. The warning from the National Health Security Agency (ANSES) of May 2019, confirms the precepts that we have been applying for 10 years in order to ensure the visual safety and the psychological comfort of practitioners who trust our products. For the inseparable and necessary lighting in dentistry, Degré K now offers the choice between different ranges of “Blue Control” LED luminaires using different but secure technologies.

State-of-the-art “Blue Control” products

  • “D65 certified” complex LED range: perfection, with a spectrum identical to that of natural daylight, de facto completely managing the toxicity of HEV blue and the phenomenon of photopolymerization.
  • Neutral white LED range: closely simulating natural daylight with a continuous spectrum reducing the blue tip by 30%.

The developments of its products use the most advanced technologies and are always focused on improving comfort and safety during care.
, the company also strives to reduce the environmental impact of its products as much as possible and succeeds in offering ever more efficient products that consume less energy and materials to be recycled.


Treatment room :

  • Northern Light Blue Control ceiling lights (neutral white LEDs or complex “D65 certified” LEDs)
  • Blue Control recessed ceiling lights (neutral white LEDs or complex “D65 certified” LEDs)
  • Blue Control LED operating lights 
  • Blue Control LED bulbs for rotating instruments (neutral white LED)

Sterilization / surgery:

“Blue Control” LED lights adapted to the requirements of pre- and post-sterilization control.

Waiting rooms, Reception, radio, circulation, offices, rest rooms:

Design standard lighting to create a lighting atmosphere adapted to each place.


French company specializing in luminotechnical applications for Dentistry, Degré K is at the origin of many innovations:

1995:1st very low luminance ceiling light (Albedo MKIII)
1st ultra flat ceiling light (Albedo 4)
1st xenon bulb to polymerise rapidly (Aurys)
1st ceiling light with light therapy (Albedo 5.H)
1st LED operating lamp (LOLé 1)
1st North Light ceiling light (Albedo N8|UNA)
1st LED operating lamp without a blue peak (LOLé 2)
1st and only D65 certified ceiling light (Albedo LED D65)
1st white LED “Blue Control” ceiling light (Albedo n8LED)
 2017 : 1st Neutral White LED panels “Blue control” (TiLED-Candela N50)
2019: 1st LED panel “Blue control” and “D65 certified” (Candela D65)