[des_common_headingUnderlined des_heading_underline=”1″ des_heading_color=”#000000″]Degré K The company[/des_common_headingUnderlined]
[des_common_headingUnderlined des_heading_size=”h3″ des_heading_font=”font5″ des_heading_underline=”” des_heading_color=”#000000″ des_classes=”italic”]The know-how of Degré K, the European leader in treatment room lighting, embodies the expertise necessary for the specific lighting of medical rooms, and in particular, 4 relevant areas in dentistry: the tooth, the mouth, the treatment room and the entire dental clinic.[/des_common_headingUnderlined][vc_empty_space height=”30px”][des_common_headingUnderlined des_heading_size=”h3″ des_heading_font=”font5″ des_heading_underline=”” des_heading_color=”#000000″ des_classes=”italic”]Degré K offers a full range of lighting products, which conform to all medical and dental lighting standards and to the hygiene standards of treatment and surgery rooms.[/des_common_headingUnderlined][vc_empty_space height=”30px”][des_common_headingUnderlined des_heading_size=”h3″ des_heading_font=”font5″ des_heading_underline=”1″ des_heading_color=”#000000″ des_classes=”italic”]AFNOR / ISO international expert: the founder of Degré K has been appointed International Expert for the ISO – SC6/WG1 dental operating lamp sector and AFNOR delegate to the ISO international meeting on oral medicine in September 2016.[/des_common_headingUnderlined]
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Degré K positioned itself clearly in November 2010 at the forefront of research and development around the problem of the toxicity of LEDs. Its LED lighings with secured LEDs “Blue Control” went out simultaneously to the alert of the ANSES..

For the two indissociable and necessary lightings in dentistry, operating lamp and ceiling light, Degré K offers today 2 new ranges of LED lights “Blue Control” using different but secured technologies .

  • Complex LEDs “D65 certified” range: the perfection, with a spectrum identical to that of daylight, de facto totally managing the toxicity of blue HEV and the phenomenon of photopolymerization.
  • biphoshorus LEDs range: simulates very closely the natural daylight with a continuous spectrum reducing by 30% the point of blue.

Degré K uses the latest technology in the development of its products, which are always aimed at improving the comfort and safety of care.

The company is eco-friendly and makes minimising the environmental effect of its products a priority. Degré K strives to produce products that perform to the highest standard, are energy efficient, and built using materials that can be recycled.

Did you know?

European directives are progressively banning all high energy light sources (incandescent and old neon bulbs).
Soon the only technology on the market will be the T5 fluorescent tube and the LED. It is important to start making adaptations now.

With its expertise in lighting systems, Degré K offers sustainable, ecoresponsible solutions to handle all the light in your consulting room as a whole.
With the key to an unrivalled working ambiance and comfort in your clinic and electricity consumption divided by 5!

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Treatment rooms:
_Northern light ceiling lamps “Blue Control”  (fluorescent T5 tubes, Biphosphorus LEDs or complex LEDs D65)
_operating lamp equipped with Blue CoOntrol LEDs ( 4300K LEDS or complex LEDs reproducing the natural daylight)
_LEDs “Blue Control”  bulbs for rotating instruments

Sterilisation: LEDs Blue Control lighting adapted to the requirements of pre and post sterilisation inspection procedures

Waiting rooms, Reception/x-ray rooms/corridors/offices/rest areas: standard design luminaires (T5 or LED) to create a lighting ambiance suited to each area of the clinic.

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[des_common_headingUnderlined des_heading_underline=”1″ des_heading_color=”#000000″]Degré K 20 years of innovation[/des_common_headingUnderlined][des_common_headingUnderlined des_heading_size=”h3″ des_heading_font=”font5″ des_heading_underline=”” des_heading_color=”#000000″ des_classes=”italic”]Degré K is a French company specialising in lighting system applications for the dental sector and is the originator of numerous innovations:[/des_common_headingUnderlined]

1995: 1st very low luminance ceiling light (Albedo MKIII)
1998: 1st ultra flat ceiling light (Albedo 4)
2000: 1st xenon bulb to polymerise rapidly (Aurys)
2001: 1st ceiling light with light therapy (Albedo 5.H)
2006: 1st LED operating lamp (LOLé 1)
2008: 1st North Light ceiling light (Albedo N8|UNA)
2010: 1st LED operating lamp without a blue peak (LOLé 2)
2013: 1st and only D65 certified ceiling light (Albedo LED D65)
2015: 1st uniform spot D65 operating lamp (LOLé 4/D65)
2015: 1st white LED “Blue Control” ceiling light

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