Candela – D65.1

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Degré K CANDELA D65.1 LED panel is probably the best in its class. Its D65 spectrum brings you unparalleled comfort on a daily basis and its BLUE CONTROL technology protects your eyes at all times. It is ideal for make-up areas and for dental technicians who want perfect lighting for their workstation.

| Blue Control | D65 Spectrum | Soft Light |



Recessed into any false ceiling.
4 Candela panels to illuminate the work area: recessed panels are located higher than suspended lighting: it is necessary to use 4 panels to have the standard amount of light in the work area. This is the reason why Candela panels are sold in sets of 4: CANDELA N50.4, CANDELA D65.4 and D65.4R
Complies with standard EN 12464-1 in the 3 areas of the treatment room:
  • 1,500 lux: operating field
  • 1000 lux: work area
  • 500 lux: traffic area.
Medical or dental work is facilitated, the eyesight capital (vision, visual acuity) and the health of practitioners are preserved, stress and fatigue are reduced.
In the “connected” version (CANDELA D65.4R), the lighting power can be adjusted on demand.
The single version (Candela D65.1) is intended for lighting make-up areas, or to be mounted by 4 projecting in treatment rooms when recessing is not possible. To do this, 4 Candela D65.1 and 4 frames must be installed.


certified D65 unitary panel, intended for make-up areas, or for surface installations: 595 * 595 * 10.5mm


CANDELA N50.4, D65.4 and D65.4R: set of 4 panels
unit size: 595 * 595 * 10.5mm
Ceiling height: 2.4 to 2.7m
Surface of the treatment room: 9 to 15 m²

Connection / Power supply

  • N50.4 = 1 Driver 17 x 9 x 4cm for each of the
  • D65.4 / D65.4R = 1 connection* box 40 x 33 x 14cm including 1x single driver controlling the 4 panels in series + control module 5 x 5 x 5cm (v. D65.4R). Quick connection system.
  • version D65.1: 1 Driver 13 x 9 x 3cm

Location: operating area centered in the center of the luminaire

* do not open the quick connection box without an agreement number to ask us under penalty of cancellation of the guarantee

max Luminance (cd/m2) :
Candela N50 : <2720 à <3945
Candela D65 : <965 à <4400
luminous flux (lumen) :
Candela N50.4 : 13600
Candela D65.4 & D65.4R  : 12000
Candela D65.1 : 3000
Average UGR :
Candela N50 : <19
Candela D65 : <16
Color temperature:
Candela N50 :  5000K
Candela D65 :  D65 (6500K in D65 spectrum)
CRI (Color rendering index):
Candela N50: >92
Candela D65: >98
Candela D65 : Certified to comply with the CIE D65 standard illuminant (BS950-1 / D65 CIE D6500 for the visible part of the light emitted in the 430μm-650μm range)
Sources :
Candela N50 : Biphosphor LED 5000K Candela D65 : complex LED D65
Consumption (W) :
Candela N50.4 = 139
Candela D65.4 /4R  = max. 240
Candela D65.1 = 60
Driver LED :
Candela N50.4 = 4     (17 x 9 x 4cm each)
Candela D65.4 = 1      (serial supply of the 4 panels via a single Driver in a quick connection box* 40 x 33 x 14cm)
Candela D65.4.R = 1 (serial supply of the 4 panels via a single Driver and the control module in a quick connection box* 40 x 33 x 14cm
Candela D65.1 = 1     (13 x 9 x 3cm)
Control modul MR  (v. D65.4R) :  1      (5 x 5 x 5cm  integrated in the quick connection box*)
Sources : Candela N50 : LED biphosphore Candela D65 : LED complexes

* do not open the quick connection box without an agreement number to ask us under penalty of cancellation of the guarantee

protection index (IP) : 44
Dimensions / panel in (mm) : 595x595x10.5mm
Weight (kg) : 3.5 / dalle
Candela N50.4 : ON/OFF
Candela D65.4  :  ON/OFF
Candela D65.4.R :
Dimmer function: Regulation of light intensity to adapt the lighting to its own sensitivity to light.
“Connected” function: Memorization of settings / control via your Smartphone and / or by the usual switch in the room: the luminaires are equipped with a Bluetooth “wireless module”. During commissioning, the luminaire (s) are automatically identified in the environment on the tablet or smartphone and can be directly used or configured by the room switch and the smartphone application.
Candela D65.1: ON / OFF
Set of 2x suspension cables (for laboratory)
Frame for surface mounting (only for Candela N50.4 and D65.1 versions)