CANDELA N50 built-in LED panels provide uniform and constant illumination of a treatment room and very good color rendering. This entry-level is ideal for equipping your treatment room at an affordable price while taking advantage of the latest Degré K technologies.


It wows you

CANDELA N50 is a set of 4 “simulated daylight” type recessed LED panels, which means that its light spectrum at 5000K / CRI>92 mimics the color of light in the middle of the day. This spectrum offers excellent color rendering, up to 2.5 times better than fluorescent tube lights.


Uninterrupted protection

LED lighting can generate a toxic blue light that is harmful to your eyesight, increasing the risk of AMD and cataracts.

Blue Control technology is a Degré K exclusive. Integrated into CANDELA N50 panels, it minimizes exposure to toxic blues. Your eyes are protected at all times..


They don’t go four ways

CANDELA N50 is made up of a set of 4 recessed panels to provide optimal lighting for a treatment room of 9 to 15 m².

Completely standard in size, these LED panels are designed to be quickly installed in any false ceiling.

Resplendent quality


Made in France with respect for the environment


Meets all medical and dental lighting standards


Dustproof IP44 (dust, insects, splashing sprays, etc.)


LED Guarantees 5 years

Go to the top of the light

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