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Professional lighting for the clinic

In order to illuminate the other rooms in your dental practice, or to supplement the lighting in your treatment room, we offer a selection of lamps in order to optimize your entire working environment.

From one room to another, the light requirements are different.

we must relax in the waiting room, energize the team at the reception, improve traffic flow in the hallways, care in the treatment room, sterilize in the sterilization room. The rooms should be illuminated depending on their use, with a different color light *, more or less diffuse, but harmonized to avoid visual stress when patient, physician or assistant traveling.

Lieu Type de lumière
Reception dynamic light to facilitate the work of the assistant / receptionist
Waiting room soft and soothing light to de-stress the patient
Hallways dynamic light with increasing intensity to prepare the patient to the treatment room
Treatment room Medical « Blue Control » light, ideally northern light
Surgery Room Medical « Blue Control » light, ideally northern light
Office Dynamic and soothing light to talk with the patient
Sterilisation High intensity light “Blue Control” (visual inspection of instruments before sterilization)

CAD studies of lighting can be carried out for your projects.

They are based on the particular lighting constraints and the physical organization of the premises, taking into account the architecture, the decoration and the specific performances of each device, always in compliance with the European standards in force. The choice and positioning of the recommended devices ensures ideal lighting.

A wide range of lighting is available in different light colors suitable for locations and uses.

Réception | Salle de Chirurgie | Salle d’attente | Stérilisation | Salle de consultation | Bureau | Couloirs et circulation…

Couleurs de lumière : 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K

LED “Blue Control” Panels

Developed for small surface care rooms and sterilization rooms, TiLEDs address two central concerns: eye safety and the amount of light needed in the field of work.

LEDs « Blue Control »

LED light spectrum «Blue Control» free from toxic blue light (HEV) :
No blue toxicity, or acceleration of photopolymerisation.
To avoid the potential toxicity of the blue, the luminance of the device and the spectral part of the blue were managed (colour 5000K as midday). Medical or dental work are thereby facilitated (no acceleration of polymerization), the practitioners view (vision, visual acuity) and health are preserved, stress and tiring are minimized.

4 TiLED to illuminate the work area

Recessed panels are higher than suspended lighting. It is necessary to use 4 panels to have the amount of normative light in the working area. Count 6 panels for a ceiling at 2.70m and 8 tiles at 2.90m.

The panels do not have the light effect of the northern Albedo. Installed in a room of care of more than 12m ², it is imperative to supplement the peripheral lighting.

Technical characteristics:
Sources Bi-Phosphorus LEDs
Color of T° 4500K
UGR  <19
Driver 1
Efficiency 100lm/W
Consumption 40W
warranty 2 years
Dimension 600x600x10.5mm

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The color of the light in ° K
(Degree Kelvin)

  • warm white: +/- 3000K
  • neutral white: 4000 à 5000K
  • Blue Control : 4300K à 5000K,  ou D65
Use  color of light
Reception neutral white
waiting room blanc-chaud
hallways neutral white
treatment room “Blue control”
surgery room “Blue control”
Orthodontics “Blue control”
Sterilisation “Blue control”
Office neutral white
Consultation neutral white
Degré K