Entry-level Degré K ceiling lamps, ALBÉDO N50 is nonetheless an excellent professional luminaire at a very reasonable price. Developed for dental general practice and surgery rooms, its very good color rendering, the consistency of its high-quality LED sources, the uniformity and softness of its light distribution make it very comfortable lighting for your procedures.

3D- Visualization


Light on all floors


Designed to provide optimal working comfort, ALBÉDO N50 offers a most enjoyable experience in terms of lighting.

Northern light

ALBÉDO N50 emits a strong indirect light which doubles the direct light. This reproduces, like outdoor natural lighting, an ideal distribution of light in all areas of the treatment room, without annoying contrasts, shadows or glare. This is the first condition for achieving maximum sharpness without fatigue..

Soft light

ALBÉDO N50’s brand new microprimastic diffuser eliminates any aggressiveness of its powerful light. The treatment room is immersed in a particularly pleasant bath of light.


It keeps an eye on your health

A poor quality LED ceiling light can generate a spike in blue light that is harmful to your eyesight and life cycle, increasing the risk of AMD and cataracts. Fortunately ALBÉDO N50 is equipped with Blue Control, an exclusive technology that filters blue light and protects your eyes and your body. Another advantage: there is no unwanted acceleration of the photopolymerization.

High Tech

It shines with its high technology


Its ultra-slim frame with a clean design concentrates the latest technologies and fits into all types of treatment rooms.


Dustproof and disinfectable on the surface, it meets the requirements of asepsis in the treatment room.

2 versions :

ALBÉDO N50 exists in 2 models:

  • N50.0 : simple and efficient, in on/off operation
  • N50.Rconnected luminaire , with Lux+ function  and adjustable light intensity.
    Ultra-simplified to use from the existing wall switch, it allows each user to adapt their lighting to their personal sensitivity and to activate the LUX + function (+ 30% reinforcement of the lighting to ensure ideal lighting for surgery, dermatology, orthodontics).


Brilliant color rendering

ALBÉDO N50 is a ceiling lamp with “simulated daylight” LED technology. Its light spectrum at 5000 K with CRI >92 simulates the color of natural light in the middle of the day and offers excellent color rendering.

It shines with its manufacturing quality


Made in France with concern for the environment


Meets all medical and dental lighting standards


Dustproof IP50 (dust, insects, projections of sprays ...)


Guaranteed 2 years / LED and electronics 5 years

Above, it's the sun

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